MyLottoCoin Surprises the Community with a Valentine’s NFT

1 min readFeb 14, 2022


February the 14th, the day of love, Saint Valentine’s day. It’s a day we spend with our loved ones, family, friends, partners and also colleagues. Now in the era of NFTs, MyLottoCoin is up to speed marking this day with a special NFT piece.

Where is it kept? You probably guessed it! Yes, it’s kept in MyLottoCoin Treasury!

But wait, what is MyLottoCoin Treasury?

MyLottoCoin is creating a Treasury that will include special NFT Pieces following special dates throughout the dates. Each date will be marked with a specially themed NFT with ONE unique copy minted per piece.

MyLottoCoin Treasury will be the legacy of the series of NFTs issued by MyLottoCoin!

MyLottoCoin community will be the first to get updates on how these NFTs will be offered to them. I can only say that this will be as powerful as utility NFTs 🤫

MyLottoCoin is honouring the special days in our lives, which each country, culture and socity can feel related too.

What’s better than the history shines with the modernest technology!

We take the chance to spread love and ask our community to love one another, not only today, but always! 💓

Happy Valentine’s Day from MyLottoCoin




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