Ethereum; the killer whale of DeFi ocean

DeFi, or decentralized finance, is an umbrella term for financial services using smart contracts to facilitate transactions without relying on intermediaries. Over the past year, the ecosystem has exploded, at this point last year the total value locked in all DeFi applications hovered around $830 million. Today, it stands around…

My Lotto Coin: Migration; A sociology term that has entered the crypto lexicon

Blockchain projects often begin their lives as whitepapers that promise innovative technologies to follow at a later date. The journey from design paper to real product often takes many twists and turns and sometimes projects change their plans in fundamental ways like choosing to move to an entirely different blockchain…

Dear MYLers and users of all kinds,

September is drawing on and a new school year has started! We are sure many of you are pulling your hair out after the 5th season of Money Heist (OMG, no spoilers!!!)

And just like they have released the most awaited season…

***La DApp de MyLottoCoin ha sido actualizada y migrado completamente a BSC, ya no utiliza el blockchain de Ethereum. Este artículo contiene la información actualizada.***

¿Alguna vez has jugado a la lotería? A la mayoría de la población mundial le parecerá una pregunta absurda, ¿verdad?

Y para aquell@s que no…

***MyLottoCoin DApp has been updated and migrated fully to BSC, no longer running on Ethereum blockchain. Refer to this article for up-to-date information***

Ever played the lottery? Seems like a ridiculous question for the majority of the world’s population, right?

And for those who haven’t, you all know about it…

Tod@s estamos al tanto de las tendencias más famosas del mercado cripto.

Seguramente, si escuchas hablar de un nuevo proyecto de blockchain relacionado con yield farming, DeFi, NFT o staking, te vuelvas loco. ¡Es lo más!

Pero en serio, ¿cuánt@s de vosotr@s, cripto-entusiastas y novat@s, realmente sabéis qué significan todas…

We are all aware of hot trends in the crypto market.

If you hear about a new blockchain project involving yield farming, DeFi, NFTs or staking you will probably go all crazy about it. It’s definitely a hype!

But come on, how many of you out there, crypto-enthusiasts and newly…


MyLottoCoin is the World’s FIRST Fully Decentralized Crypto-lottery operated by BSC. Designed to Empower Players and Conventionalize Blockchain Experience.

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